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iCREATE Arts Workshops for 2017

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Nowadays, it's not easy to enjoy silence as there's too much noise from either internally within us or externally around us. When was the last time you really enjoyed a moment of silence? No matter adults or children, we all have anxiety and fear towards the unknown and uncertainties in life which causes stress. Should I do this or should I do that? What will happen if I do this and that happens? We are also constantly updating ourselves with new knowledge and information from home, school or work which at times, can be overwhelming. With the questions of uncertainties and information overload, it's hard for us to focus on what we are doing at present. We all have different ways to cope with stress like going for good food, doing retail therapy, go travelling etc. At times, if we lack self-control due to high level of stress, that might also lead to binge eating, shopaholic etc. It's important for us to strengthen our inner self to cope with our level of stress.

iCREATE arts provide a safe and conducive environment for adults and children to explore and communicate with their inner self through arts and play. I have parents telling me that they don't know how to draw at the beginning, yet they ended up with their own amazing creations and masterpieces. Don't be surprise of how creative you can be when you are given the freedom and environment. Like our recent workshop, parents and children started talking, shouting and crying. But, when we start our main activity, it's total silence. Everyone is focusing on their art work, it just came naturally. This is the time we can communicate or debate with our inner critic to strengthen our esteem and confidence. Nah, you can't do art, you are not talented. Who says I can't? As long I try, I can come up with something. See, I can do it! Sense of accomplishment here. The art work provides a channel for us to communicate with our unconscious mind so nobody know what it means except the creator. Every art work is unique and amazing in their own way.

As Sarah and I are individuals with our own profession, we have lots of different activities related to art and play up our sleeves. So, other than the main activities which comprise of Mandala, Expression Arts, Clay and Creative Arts, we have elements of mindfulness, yoga play and movement. Expect the unexpected, as you will never know what is going to come up today. It might be the same or it might be different. So, are you prepared for some pleasant surprises? Come join us for a creative journey!

Click the links to view the photos for our workshops in Facebook:

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