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Testimonials for Play Therapy

Updated: Jan 15

All types of play, from fantasy to rough-and-tumble, have a crucial role in children’s development. Play is the lens through which children experience their world, and the world of others. With adequate play, children stand the best chance of becoming healthy, happy, productive members of society. As a teacher with 6 years experience, I have personally seen the benefits of play therapy. Working hand in hand with Miss Adelyn has helped my students socially and emotionally. Within the school setting, I have observed that play therapy has helped my students to be able to adapt better. Participating in group work, communicating with others, listening and concentrating on work are some signs I have observed from a child who has attended play. The results of Positive Play is pretty obvious after 12 sessions. I would strongly urge parents and educators to consider Positive Play as it helps benefit a child in all areas.

- Ms Mai, Centre Manager

I'm a Chinese teacher working in a Preschool. I have children in my class taking positive play and I'm really glad to see their positive changes. A good example would be my four years old student who is very reserved in class. He refuses to mingle with his friends and is often very quiet. He enjoys being alone, living "in his own world". After attending play, he became very lively. He makes an effort to express his feelings openly and enjoys play time with his friends.

- Ms Wu, Chinese Teacher

​I will like to share my experience after taking Filial Play Coaching. When my child turned 3, he was unable to control his emotions which resulted in him acting out by kicking or biting people. He was unable to focus due to short attention span, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. As a mum, I felt helpless and started sourcing out every possible way to help him which resulted to frustration. After learning how to play with him, we grew much closer to each other. Slowly, I started noticing improvement in his behaviour and he was able to express his emotions. His confidence level has increased and he is more disciplined. He has bloomed into a very confident chatty boy. From the sessions, I have learnt a lot. I became more patient, focused and observant. The positive changes in my child makes me more confident in my parenting method. I will like to take this opportunity to thank my coach for being with me throughout this journey. I have gained a lot more than I have expected.

- Jasmine, Mum of 3 year old boy

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